I'm Dukens Thelemaque

Web Developer | Cyber Security Researcher | Mobile Developer | Software Engineer | Open source enthusiast | Laravel & VueJS lover | Perfectionist doer

28 years young, Haitian, beloved partner.

Tel: +50937703581 / mail: dukensdev@gmail.com

Hello, My Name is Dukens.

28 years young, single, born and grew up in Haiti. Passionate web developer always looking for new problems to solve.

Co-Founder & CTO of 1finity Group , an IT company founded in Haiti, is challenged to push the limits, innovate and transform the physical reality of many men and women.
Our brands : Dealxpo , Minbiznis, 1finity commerce , Exchangemarket , AdBiznis , MTV509 ...

Envato Author since January 2015, I build software and script to sell to the envato marketplace customers. Currenctly i have LaraChurch - A Complete Church Management System and Smart Budget - A online budgeting system available on codecanyon.net

I currently work at Haiti Pay S.A as Front-end web developer, where I build big & small web applications, Develop new user-facing features and Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

These days I tend to primarily use JavaScript, VueJS , Node.JS, PHP and Laravel. I work on a variety of tasks including building traditional web applications, designing and implementing API's, and creating rich JavaScript client applications and I like to contribute back to the open source community in the form of code, on public forums or IRC. Besides, i'm very enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and technology. I love helping people as much as i love programming, which for me it's not a job, it’s a lifestyle

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My Latest Work

The only way to accurately describe yourself is to look at how you’ve spent your time in the past.

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What I'm Doing

I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can't do something halfway, If I'm going to do something, I go all the way. My philosophy is : Do it with passion or not at all.

There are some ways I may be able to help you

1.Web & app development

Using the latest technology and ergonomics, we develop scalable, secure web sites and “mobile-first” design to fit each of our customers’ unique business requirements and strategies.
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Building cross-devices applications is becoming a must. And to do it, you need APIs. I can buil for you a trusted, secure solution for your API business needs.
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Comprehensive, Hybrid, multi plateforme mobile app development. We give you the tools your company needs to get your idea to market.
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4. Social media strategy

Do you have a social media or interactive marketing budget but aren’t sure where to start? We can assess your needs, We’ll work with you to ensure brand integrity, compliance with the different mediums, and best practices for future development and communication. contact us today to see how we can help

5. Tutoring/Mentoring

Students and life-long learners alike often learn better when they have someone available to help them see problems in a new different way. Whether it's learning a new technology, a new programming paradigm, or just learn effective workflows, having someone to go to with your questions is comforting and very benficial. I'm available to give you a hand.

6. Consulting

Sometimes it helps to have an outside person take a look at a project you have in mind. Is creating a single page JS application better for your particular app? Is it more cost effective to salvage the legacy code or rewrite it? Are there things that could be done differently? Let me help you answer questions like these.

My Resume

Education Background
2009 - 2017

2015 - 2016

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
Specialization - Full stack web development

Master client- and server-side web development in five comprehensive courses.

  1. HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  2. Front-End Web UI and Tools
  3. Multiplatform Mobile App Development with Web Technologies
  4. Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: AngularJS, VueJS
  5. Server-side Development with NodeJS and RESTful API

2015 - 2016

This Specialization covers the basics of modern full stack web development, from UX design, to front-end coding, to custom databases.

  1. Responsive Website Basics with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  2. Responsive Web Design
  3. Meteor.js Development
  4. Application Development with JavaScript and MongoDB
  5. Full stack web Development and Design Capstone

2015 - 2016


Online learning via COUSERA
This course focuses on how to design and build secure systems with a human-centric focus

Work Experience

2016 - Now

Front-end Web & Mobile Développeur - HaitiPay s.a

Develop new user-facing features ...
Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to back-end
API Integration
Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders
Technologies used : NodeJS , PHP , VueJS , Angular, MySQL, Bootstrap 3, JQuery, HTML 5 & CSS3.

2015 - 2016

IT / Web consultant - Vedere

- Development under Magento / PHP Object, ZEND, MYSQL
- Information system integration, web server maintenance, IT desktop support...
- Avoiding, detecting & fixing " Web " security vulnerabilities.
Technologies used : Magento, Ubuntu, Virtualbox, PHP .

2011 - 2016

Junior developer - CAPITAL BANK S.A

Development of a legacy management system to monitor working time with :
CRM integration, team management, off-time setup, reporting by project, project overrun detection.
Technologies used : PHP 5, MySQL, Webservice, Vtiger, jQuery, HTML 4 & CSS 3.


It doesn't matter so much where you start
as long as the rate at which you are learning is sufficiently high.
If you can improve yourself, or your skills, 1% a day or a week,
over time you will become extremely skilled at whatever you are pursuing.
Eric Conner








VueJS + Webpack






Software design


Backend development


Frontend development


Code quality


Application testing


Collaborative tools


My Strengths

Voluntary. Careful. Reliable.

Project management
Customer relation
Technology watch

Work Process

How I manage my side projects, and get things done.

1. Information Gathering.
2. Planning, identify & get acquainted with the basics of some new technologies (e.g. VueJS & Webpack).
3. I split the solution into components. Each component becomes a one-week development run with five tasks.

1. Idea
2. Experiment
3. Plan
4. Develop
5. Check
6. Launch

4. Application development. After a run, for mature application like budget, I might publish a new release.
5. The last run is usually devoted to additional testing, documentation and code quality checks.
6. After releasing and deploying the application, it is usually time to think about new features and improvements, and go back to step 1...

Milestones Achieved

Some of my 2016 figures.
Looks like 2017 will be busier...


New technologies


Commits to Github


Geek podcasts


Tech articles

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